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 RyuChim Band<band> started in April, 2003 with eight people.
 “Chimdon” means feel excited or being bubbling. It sounds similar to the word
 “Chindon” which is street musician who parade for the advertisement purpose
 wearing colorful costume. We call ourselves “super entertainment group” because
 we not only our music is unique but also we PLAY on the stage. Our music has
 the essence of Okinawan pops, Japanese pops and also Asian pops.
 Even traditional ryukyu songs are arranged.

 『動』 と 『静』 の両極端なコントラストが魅力の摩訶不思議な楽団です。

<YouTube : Cheerful Ver.>

Big Event & Stage Concert

 In May,2006 we made a debut
 from “
 a result of our effort. Since then
 we could have the chance to be
 on the tv commercials and famous
 music programs to show our  

 〜 For example 〜
 ★FM OKINAWA EVENT(4,000people)
 ★ORION BEER FEST(20,000people)

 We had played in “Ryukyu Festival 2006” held in Tokyo which were
 more than 4000 audience, even more, we had performance in front of 20,000people
  in“Orion Beer Fest 2006” in Okinawa, JP.

 琉球フェスティバル(東京4,000人) オリオンビアフェスト(沖縄15,000人) FM沖縄イベント(沖縄) 他、

Street Performance

 One the characteristic of our band is parade. Parade in the town, around audience,
 and even on the stage!! As we start the parade, audience becomes the part of the band,
 sing together, parade together, and have big smile.


Humorous Special Stage Performance

 RyuChim Band can sing and dance. In addition, we can play. 
 We sometimes play comedy, and sometimes human dramas.
 The most unique thing about this band is featuring of singing,
 dancing and playing

 魅力ですが、「劇団」的要素の コントやミニ芝居、MC、コミカルなパフォーマンスも

Traditional Okinawan Dance

 We are the band play pop music. However, our basic of performance
 is based on “modernly arranged Okinawan traditioinal dancing”
 Fantastical music with elegant dance captivates audience.

 ポップス色だけに留まりません。 民謡や古典も独自色でアレンジ、唄い舞います。


  ★1st album CD  =Sai Sai Sai
  ★2nd album CD  =Ryukyu Roman Kiko
  ★3rd album CD  =Kokoromoyo Yumemoyo
               (心もよう 夢もよう)
  ★4th minialbum CD  =Asian Beat New!
  ★1st single CD&DVD  =Shooting Star
  ★CMsong full Ver. DVD  =It’s a HAPPY YASUI WORD

    Any more・・・(他多数リリース)

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Single CD-R 1st Album CD 2nd Album CD 1st Single & DVD

CM Full DVD 3rd Album CD 4th Mini Album CD

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